Laser Back Hair Removal: How Effective Is It? (2024)

Owing to the number of factors that simplify the process, laser back hair removal has surpassed other hair removal methods in terms of popularity. It observes a minimally invasive procedure that delays growth for a prolonged period.

It has risen to be an efficient and popular means of hair removal, especially among the trends of the UK. Both men and women opt for this method of hair removal due to the enhanced results it yields.

This article will analyse the various reasons why laser hair removal would be beneficial to one in the long term. It also discusses its convenience over other alternatives.

Table of Contents:

  • Part 2: Laser Back Hair Removal Cost
  • Part 4: Laser Hair Removal Vs. Electrolysis
  • Part 5: Better Alternative: Ulike IPL Hair Removal
  • Part 6: FAQs

Preparation & Procedure Of Laser Back Hair Removal

Laser Back Hair Removal: How Effective Is It? (1)Laser Hair Removal is an ideal choice for men to stop hair growth and prevent those hard-to-reach back hair from growing for a while.

It requires minimal maintenance and also thins out the hair if it ever grows back.


It must be ensured that the skin has not undergone any prior waxing or plucking before the treatment. A dermatologist well versed in the field must be chosen to provide advice on mitigating any possibilities of side effects and to achieve optimal results.

One should make sure that the medical criteria are met in order to undergo laser hair removal treatment.


Listed below is a step-by-step process on how laser back hair removal should be executed:

● Preliminary Consultation

It is advisable to choose a board-certified specialist in plastic surgery as an extra precaution. A well-practised dermatologist would evaluate the medical history and assess one’s skin and hair type to provide a hassle-free laser hair removal treatment.

● Necessary Preparations

Prior to the treatment, waxing or plucking of the hair strands must be avoided to enhance results.

In order to mitigate side effects and maximise favourable outcomes, it would be advisable to shave to navigate the hair follicles more easily. Topical anesthesia may be incorporated into the process 30 minutes before to minimise pain.

● Procedure

The treatment commences once appropriate eye protection is ensured. With the application of a cold gel, pulses of laser light are targeted at the designated area which eliminates the hair follicles. Post-procedure, anti-inflammatory cream or ice packs are used to treat any irritable sensations. The treatment is repeated for several sessions for semi-permanent results.

● Aftercare

Direct contact with the sun has proven to be harmful after a fresh laser treatment. It is highly advisable to use sunscreen at all times especially while venturing outside. Cooling gels and ice packs aid in reducing inflammation.

Laser Back Hair Removal Cost

Laser back hair removal prices for men can vary due to several reasons, but still, one can expect the price to be more than £190. Different pricing policies include

Laser hair removal for back hair in men varies depending on the area that requires laser treatment.

  • The shoulders and the lower back usually cost around £100. Four sessions of the same usually come up to £320.
  • One session for the lower back and the sides costs about £190 and four sessions cost £610.
  • A full back session costs £200 and six sessions for this costs £510. The price for this, however, may vary from place to place.

Laser Back Hair Removal: Before & After

Laser Back Hair Removal: How Effective Is It? (2)Laser Hair Removal Vs. Electrolysis

Discussed below are brief comparisons of the various contrasting outcomes of both :

Comparison Basis

Laser Hair Removal


Effect on Hair Follicle

Damages hair follicles but does not prevent the hair follicle from healing again after a while.

Uses Electric current to destroy Hair Follicle.


Considered to be more applicable for dark and largely distributed hair.

Works well with finer hair and smaller areas.

Amount of Sessions

Would typically require repeated and prolonged sessions to delay hair growth.

Would require a few sessions to achieve permanent results.


Moderate discomfort.

People experience more discomfort compared to Laser Treatment.

Extent of Hair Removal

The light skin should be of a sharp contrast to the dark hair strands to yield the best results.

Does not require any pigmentation differentiation to work effectively.


Results are seen within months.

It takes about 18 months for results to show.

Minor Side Effects

Redness in the affected area. Recedes within hours.

Redness and Irritation. Recedes within hours.

Major Side Effects

Blisters, pigmentation change, swelling, and irritation.

Infections from unsterilized treatments and scars.


Not suitable for medical conditions such as Lupus.

Safe for most medical conditions.

Laser Hair Removal or Electrolysis for Back: Differences

1. Technique

Laser Hair Treatment recognizes a contrast pigmentation between the dark strand of hair and the lighter-toned skin and eliminates the strands accordingly.

Electrolysis makes use of a fine needle inserted into the hair follicle to pass an electric current through it and damage the hair root.

2. Effectiveness

Results of a Laser Hair Treatment are observed within a short period of time. However, they require multiple follow-up appointments and maintenance treatments. The results of Electrolysis are seen after a prolonged period. However, it is long-lasting and demands very less touch-ups.

3. Cost

The cost of a Laser Hair Removal is dependent on the size of the area. Though the cost does vary according to the dermatologists’ preferences, one session alone may range from £200 to £400.

An Electrolysis Treatment is also charged by the size of the area. Larger areas like the back cost up to $10,000 at the maximum.

4. Pain Level

The pain from a Laser Hair Removal Treatment can be compared to the snap of a rubber band or a subtle pin-prick. The pain is not extreme.

At the same time, the pain from an Electrolysis Treatment can be compared to a light scratch. The pain is mild and the affected area may observe a tingling sensation briefly.

5. Safety

Though tested and deemed to be as safe, a Laser Hair Removal Treatment could have late side effects such as redness or skin pigmentation variances.

Whereas, an electrolysis treatment carries slight risks of infection if the needle is not sterilised properly. If carried out by an expert, the risk can be evaded.

6. Suitability

A Laser Hair Removal Treatment provides the best results for those who have dark-coloured hair strands that contrast with a light-coloured skin tone.

On the other hand, Electrolysis Treatment works well on all hair and skin types irrespective of any contrasting pigmentation.

Better Alternative: Ulike IPL Hair Removal

Laser Back Hair Removal: How Effective Is It? (3)If repeatedly visiting a hair removal specialist proves to be tiresome, one can opt for other alternatives. Such alternatives could be waxing, and shaving depilatory creams.

All the tools required to carry any of the other alternatives are easily available in the local shops. However, each alternative comes with various side effects.

Waxing or shaving may result in ingrown hairs and depilatory creams make use of harsh chemicals.

On the other hand, a tool known as the Ulike IPL Device is well known for yielding clean and effective results with minimum pain and close to no side effects. It is a reasonable investment for a prolonged result.

Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device: Features & Advantages

1. Effectiveness

Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device reduces hair density by 78-90 percent and visible reduction can be observed in just 2-3 weeks.

2. Works with Sensitive Skin

Users have reported Ulike IPL Removal Device to be a sensitive skin-friendly device. The device is known to provide favourable results while also eliminating the occurrences of harsh aftereffects.

3. Limited side effects

The Ulike IPL Removal Devices exhibit little to no side effects after their use. Users have shared their preference for the product when compared to any other hair removal treatment mainly due to the absence of any skin irritation. One would not need to fret over the possibility of an ingrown hair too.

4. Simplified Routine

The ease of control and accurate efficiency of the Ulike IPL Devices contribute to its simplified routine. A full-body treatment takes about 12-15 minutes.

5. Long-Lasting

The Results of the Ulike IPL Device are quite long lasting with hair strands growing finely only after months.

6. At-home procedure

The Ulike IPL Device can be used in the comfort of one's home by themselves. It is easy for one with adequate knowledge about hair removal procedures to control.


Laser Back Hair Removal: How Effective Is It? (4)Does Hair Grow Back After Laser Hair Removal?

Yes, they do. There are cases where hair follicles have not healed for years thus, delaying hair growth. However, the hair follicles do eventually heal from the laser damage and start producing hair again. Semi-permanent results can still be enjoyed since there have been cases of hair growth being seen only after 10 years.

How Long Does It Take for Hair to Grow Back After Laser Hair Removal?

The speed of Hair Growth depends on a person’s hair growth cycle as well as the intensity of damage done to the hair follicle. The recurrence of hair can vary from months to years. The minimum amount for hair to grow back after a laser treatment would be about 2 months.

Does Laser Hair Removal Make Hair Grow Back Thicker?

No, laser hair removal does not make hair grow back thicker. Any hair growth observed after a Laser Hair Treatment would grow back thinner than the preceding hair thickness. Still, in certain rare cases, thicker hair may grow out from the area adjacent to those being treated. This phenomenon is known as Paradoxical Hypertrichosis.

Is Laser Hair Removal Effective on The Back?

Yes. In fact, the back is the most effective area for Laser Hair Removal to take place considering its taut firmness. Moreover, the application of a laser beam on the back to remove hair works great since it does not give room to ingrown hairs or inflamed rashes.

How Many Laser Treatments Does It Take to Remove Back Hair?

The amount of sessions required to remove back hair would vary according to the amount of hair present. Usually, 6-8 rounds of laser hair removal treatments scattered over a duration of six weeks would yield favourable results.

How Do I Permanently Remove Back Hair?

Generally, 90 percent permanent hair follicle damage can be achieved with 6-8 treatments scattered over 4-6 weeks. When the follicle is damaged permanently, hair growth stops. Additional sessions may be required if permanent hair loss is not achieved even after 8 rounds of treatment.


Laser hair removal treatments and Electrolysis treatments both return prolonged results. However, they are still accompanied by various side effects, drawbacks, and sky-high prices. Other alternatives like waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams pose more irritable side effects than the other treatments.

It stands to reason that Ulike IPL is a great investment in one’s self-care routine as it is both safe and easy to use within the comfort of one’s own home.

There have been various positive reviews about Ulike IPL that make it a trustworthy brand. It is also approved by both experts and users alike who claim it works best even on sensitive skin.

Laser Back Hair Removal: How Effective Is It? (2024)


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