Crispy Coconut Tempeh Recipe (2024)



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"Crumbled" is misleading, I think they really meant "broken." You would break into large pieces rather than cut to give more crags and surface area for the breading to stick, and because having irregular shapes will be more visually interesting since it's standing in for shrimp. Tofu would work just fine (also try breaking it!)


Underwhelmed. The coconut dipping sauce (which also acts as the binder for the coconut/ crumb coating) is so bland. I love tempeh and will try some version of this again but I will be attempting to really amp up the flavor. As is the tempeh was tasteless. The lime salt is good but can't make up for the lack of flavor inside. Maybe some garlic paste?..liquid aminos? Anyone else agree? How would you doctor the sauce?


Honey is an interesting ingredient in a recipe claiming to be vegan: Many vegans do not eat honey. While agave syrup is often a good substitute, it is not as sticky as honey, so that substitution might not work here.

Use Tofu Instead

This was pretty good the first time we tried it, but we made it a second time with extra-firm tofu and it was amazing!! Would definitely recommend swapping it out for the tempeh (even though I normally like it more than tofu). I also added a little salt to the batter, which was good.

Meghan Ryan

Yes, honey may not work for vegans. But agave or maple syrup may do the trick I am going to give it a shot this week!


Fantastic! Instead of frying in oil, I just mixed all the “schinitzel” mix components with the tofu and two tbsp of oil and put them one by one in the air fryer basket. 15 min 200 degrees. Best tofu I have ever had


I don't doubt that I may have done something wrong but this did not taste good or like I hoped. Just blech. I'll be having toast for dinner instead.


Didn’t have tempeh on hand so used tofu. We tried both pan frying and baking in the oven and the baking kept the coating on much better. Also we used sweetened coconut flakes. So good with the salty lime! Skipped the sauce because reviews were not great and we didn’t miss it. Delicious and easy.


This was very tasty and not at all bland. The tempeh was crispy and flavorful, with the coconut nicely balancing the earthiness of the tempeh. We used the dipping sauce as a drizzle and served the tempeh over rice noodles. This is a keeper.


This took more like 40 minutes due to the two-step breading and then multiple batches of frying. I liked the texture combination of the crispy coconut tempeh and the rich, slightly-spicy coconut&lime dipping sauce. Considering the effort it took to fry them, I’ll try baking them next time.

Tim D

A rare NYT miss. Both the tempeh and sauce were bland. We salvaged the dish for our company by substituting and modifying to the point it wasn’t the same recipe at all, but have to give this one my first ever thumbs down.


This is just okay. Even after steaming the tempeh, marinating it in the batter, using coconut cream, and upping the spice it was still pretty flavorless. The lime salt does add something special though- I’ll use that for other recipes! Air fried instead of pan fried because I was feeling lazy. I did enjoy the texture of the tempeh and would like to try it made other ways.


A big miss for me; as others have said, the tempeh is tasteless and the coconut milk did a poor job binding the coconut and breadcrumbs to the nugget.Air fried for 10 minutes @ 400 to cut back on oil.


Used flavoured tempeh (Indonesian spices) and the result was very tasty. However I must have gotten the wrong coconut milk: it was mostly translucide, so ended up adding sour cream for the dipping sauce. Also used tajin for the lime salt: excellent!


In case anyone else does not have coconut milk around or well just forgot to buy it, milk with peanut butter added to thicken was a reasonable substitute.


I forgot the cornstarch and it was still great. Next time I’ll try to remember the cornstarch and see if I can tell the difference. We loved it.


Dipping sauce is visually unappealing and taste is just OK. Much prefer sweet chili sauce with this. Also, agree with others that recipe is better with tofu.


After reading other notes about the bland flavor, I decided to marinate the tempeh in the mix. It makes more then enough. I also added black pepper and some garlic Chile paste to the mix for a little more punch.


I made this with firm pressed tofu instead of tempeh and it turned out great!! A few things: i made this a little too salty, I think I put too much lime salt on - I’d use about half as much instead. Also i ended up with a lot of extra panko coconut and extra sauce/cornstarch mix. In the future I’d make about half as much to cover 16oz of tofu. Its hard to dip tofu cubes in The “dipping sauce” but its still lovely drizzled on top!

Sarah P

This was excellent. We fried in the airfryer to use less oil and subbed gluten free panko it still came out fantastic. I will say the “dipping sauce” was quite thin, but maybe it was the brand of coconut milk we used. It still tasted great spooned over rice. We will definitely make this dish again.

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Crispy Coconut Tempeh Recipe (2024)


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