Can You Use Hair Removal Cream on Pubic Hair? (2024)

The pubic region has very sensitive skin, which is why hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, and laser treatments can be risky and painful. Since a lot of gentlemen are aligned toward pubic hair removal, depilatory creams and IPL treatments prove to be some of the most efficient and painless ways to remove pubic hair.

This article explains whether can you use hair removal cream on pubic hair. If yes, then what’s the safest way to pubic hair with these creams?

How Does a Hair Removal Cream Work?

Here’s a basic understanding of how does hair removal cream work on pubic hair. These creams are more popular by the name depilatory creams.

  1. A person needs to apply it to the treatment area in a layer thick enough to cover the hair under it.
  2. Then leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. When the cream stays in contact with the hair, the chemicals in the cream start breaking down the hair protein.
  4. As a result, all the hair above the skin starts dissolving in the cream.

Any part of the hair under the skin remains untouched and untreated during the process.

Is It Safe to Use Hair Removal Cream on Pubic Area?

Can You Use Hair Removal Cream on Pubic Hair? (1)So many people ask: is hair removal cream safe? Yes, it’s safe to use depilatory creams on the pubic area whether male or female. It’s one of the most painless ways to remove pubic hair in a short span. One can expect hair-free skin for a week or even more. However, hair can take more than 1 or 2 months to grow back long.

Side Effects of Using Hair Removal Cream on Pubic Area

Chemical Burns

The skin on the pubic area is very sensitive and depilatory creams generate chemical reactions to break down the hair. Depilatory creams can cause chemical burns on sensitive skin, where some people might experience up to second-degree burns if the cream is left for too long.

Itching & Irritation

Once the person wears off depilatory cream, there’s a chance of temporary itching and slight irritation that should last up to a day or even more. This happens because the skin goes through chemical reactions on its topmost layer for 5 to 10 minutes.

Sudden Change In The Softness & Feel

Depilatory cream will remove all the hair on the pubic region, leaving behind soft, silky, baby-like smooth skin. The skin will be very tempting to touch and feel very pleasurable especially during sex for both male and his partner.

However, some people, especially first-timers may need some time to adjust themselves with this sudden change in the soft feel down there.


The chemical reactions can also cause temporary pigmentation, causing the skin to get a little darker than usual. Although this is a temporary reaction, it should resolve on its own in a few days. But some people may also notice long-term discolouration, especially if the skin is not perfectly compatible with the depilatory cream. Also, too frequent use of depilatory creams can cause long-term side effects.

Unappealing Feel After Some Days

A sudden vanish of all the pubic hair at once can bring some level of discomfort to some people, especially those using the cream for the first time. This happens because the person is not habitual of a completely hairless pubic region. But the person should get habitual in a few days.

Allergic Reactions

Sometimes using the wrong type of depilatory cream can cause allergic reactions, which is more common in those with existing allergies and/or those using the cream for the first time. Sometimes, leaving the cream for more than the suggested time can also cause temporary skin reactions like rashes, redness, bumps, and increased sensitivity.

Is Hair Removal Cream Better Than Shaving?

Indeed hair removal cream is far better and safer than shaving in all terms. Despite so many possible side effects of depilatory cream, shaving still has a high chance of shaving cuts, nicks, razor bumps, inflammation, redness, and increased sensitivity. Shaving in a hurry, using the wrong shaving technique, or using a blunt razor can leave cuts and wounds to the pubic region, which one can avoid by using a depilatory creams. None of these risks are present when using a cream.

How to Use Hair Removal Cream for Private Parts Correctly?

Can You Use Hair Removal Cream on Pubic Hair? (2)Choosing the Right Pubic Hair Removal Cream

First, understand the skin type. A lot of people have sensitive skin and they might not even know about it. Buy a depilatory cream for sensitive skin if a person gets razor bumps, sunburns, inflammation, and redness easily. This suggests that the person potentially has sensitive skin.

Not every depilatory cream for sensitive skin is suited for pubic use. There are some brands like No Hair Crew, Veet, Nair, Nad’s, etc. that sell intimate hair removal creams for men and women. Or if a person has a preferred brand, they may go for it as well.

Do a Patch Test With Intimate Hair Removal Cream

It’s best to do a patch test, especially for those using the cream for the first time. First, read the instructions on the packet and understand the leaving time that the manufacturer suggests. Some brands tell to leave the cream for 5 to 8 minutes, some say 3 to 6 minutes, etc.

Use it on the thighs and near the penis shaft to check for the results. Then try it on the penis and move towards the anal region and testicl*s as desired. Then check for any potential side effects for the next 2 days. If no side effects, it means that the cream is suitable.

Follow The Right Technique

Normally, one should find the usage instructions on the product package. Alternatively, follow this process:

  1. If the hair is long or very long, trim them.
  2. Wash the pubic area properly and pat dry with a terry towel.
  3. Start applying to start from the penis shaft and reach the penis. Finally, reach the genitals and anal region. Use the applicator that came with the cream.
  4. Make sure that the hair is covered under a layer of depilatory cream so that it can dissolve all the hair in it.
  5. Leave it for the suggested time and use the applicator to scrape all the cream. The applicator may be troublesome especially on the testicl*s, so use a clean rug to wipe all the cream.
  6. Rinse with cold water and pat dry to finish.

Take Help From A Professional

Depilatory creams are one of the easiest modes or pubic hair removal but those with sensitive skin issues or in case noticing the side effects need to see a doctor if the effects don’t go away in 1 to 3 days. One should be honest with the doctor about what cream they used and how they used it, so the doctor can understand where the situation went wrong.

What Are Safe Alternatives To Depilatory Creams For Pubic Hair?

IPL hair removal is a safer and longer-lasting alternative to hair removal creams for pubic hair. To get an IPL device, one should get started with user-friendly brands like Ulike. The Ulike Air 10 is one of the newest products in the UK market that is highly effective with pubic hair removal, also friendly with first-timers.

Why & How Is Ulike Air 10 Better?

  • It’s safe for use in the pubic region for males and females.
  • The time to treat the pubic region is nearly 10 minutes.
  • A total of 10 to 12 sessions should give long-lasting hair removal effects.
  • The hair will start shedding automatically without pain throughout the treatment.
  • Using Ulike Air 10 is possible from home, anytime.
  • Ulike Air 10 keeps the skin cool with the help of Sapphire ice-cooling technology.
  • As opposed to the depilatory creams, Ulike Air 10 doesn’t need to be used once every 2 days.
  • Hair will regrow coarse and dense when using depilatory creams. But when using Ulike Air 10, the hair will regrow much less dense and finer than the last time.

Ulike Air 10 Features

Ulike Air 10 has the following features:

  • 4 treatment modes are meant for different types of skins.
  • New generation Sapphire ice-cooling technology to keep the genitals safe from the IPL beams.
  • Long-lasting and painless results.
  • Perfect for first-timers and all types of users.
  • Quick sessions and results.
  • Dual IPL lamps encourage faster and better treatment.


Depilatory creams indeed work towards pubic hair removal without pain and so does Ulike Air 10. However, depilatory creams have the disadvantage that the hair will start regrowing in 1 or 2 days without any reduction in thickness or density. Therefore, the person will have to keep using the cream once every 5 to 15 days or else the hair might feel prickly. In order to overcome this issue, Ulike Air 10 will help decrease the hair regrowth speed, thickness, and density, while giving a long-lasting, pain-free, and safe hair removal solution.

Can You Use Hair Removal Cream on Pubic Hair? (2024)


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