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Animal Crossing: City Folk (JP) (KO) (also known as Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City in PAL regions) is a Wii video game and the fourth addition (which includes the Japanese only Animal Forest) to the Animal Crossing series. The game features a heavy emphasis on interaction and is the first ever game to make use of Wii Speak, a device that allows the player to interact with others around the world without the need for a headset. A bundle has been made available that includes both the game and Wii Speak once the game was released.

Another prominent feature is the introduction of a city along with the always present town. In the city, you're able to go to the hair salon, the auction house, the theater, Gracie's shop and the HRA to see what's going on in other people's villages. You can also get your shoes shined by Kicks, visit Redd and get your fortune told by Katrina.


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Animal Crossing: City Folk (2)

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, there is no prominent goal, but to just enjoy your new virtual life. You'll take control of either a boy or girl, whose appearance is determined at the beginning of the game, while you talk with Rover on the bus.

You move into a new house and initially have to pay your debts to Tom Nook. After doing so, more expansions to your house can be made via more payments.

The character is controlled via the Nunchuck's joystick though an alternate control scheme will allow you to play using just the Wii Remote without the extension by pointing to where you want your character to move. Basic actions can be performed with the standard face buttons though some will allow you to use motion controls (such as for fishing and bug catching).

Your village consists of two shops, Tom Nook's and the Able Sister's, a town hall, a museum, multiple neighbors, and other areas. Fishing can be done in the multiple bodies of water while bugs can be caught with your net almost anywhere. Fossils, Gyroids and other items can be dug up using your shovel, while with the watering can you can construct a wonderful garden. With the slingshot, you can shoot down items from the sky, and with the axe you can chop down trees to tidy up the village.

One of the new aspects of the game is the city, which is mentioned in the game's title. You can access the city by going to the bus stop, which is located near the town gate. In the city there are even more things to do, such as partake in an auction

Animal Crossing: City Folk (3)

, visit high-end shops, change your hairstyle and shoes, watch a show in the theater, visit Redd's to get rare items and Katrina's to get your fortune told, see other players' houses via Nintendo Wi-fi Connection and just have a nice chat with the villagers currently there.

The game uses the Wii's internal clock to determine what day and season it is. The time of day will also change depending on what time it is in real life. The series is often lauded for playing even when you're not - weeds will grow if you're not there to pull them, flowers will die, days will pass and old neighbors will be replaced by new ones. Special events will occur depending on what day it is - holidays will take place on their respective times as well.


Animal Crossing: City Folk was released around three years after Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS. Whereas Katsuya Eguchi was the director of the original Animal Crossing, EAD designer Hisashi Nogami was the director for this iteration of the series. Nogami explained that, when the development of Wild World reached its end, he went to work on Wii Sports and the Mii Channel, both which would release alongside the Wii. After working a few months on the Mii Channel, he worked on the overall development of the actual Wii hardware. It was around this time when he started contemplating whether or not he should start working on the next Animal Crossing title but concluded that he just didn't have the time to start the next game in the series with such a busy schedule. Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, even wondered when he and his team would start to work on the next game since he seemed to be very focused on developing the Mii channel.

In December of 2006, around the time the Wii launched worldwide, Nogami was able to start development on the next game in the Animal Crossing series. He explained that even though the Wii had launched and there were still things to do with the Mii Channel, he was able to work on both projects at the same time. Having just worked on the Mii Channel, he wished to implement WiiConnect24, a feature the Mii Channel uses, into City Folk. WiiConnect24 is a feature on the Wii that keeps the system online at all times to download content even if the gamer isn't playing.


Aya Kyogoku, the sequence director of City Folk, recalled that localizing the game was particularly challenging not only because of the size of the text (which was thousands of pages long), but they also planned (successfully) to release the game around the world around the same time.


The game has been well received, though criticisms have arisen, primarily due to its uninspired qualities that basically copy from the previous chapters in the series. This was also something that critics panned Nintendo for doing with Wild World on the Nintendo DS though it was accepted due to the fact that it was introduced to a handheld and that it featured online capabilities that weren't featured on the GameCube or (for Japan) Nintendo 64 versions of the game. The city aspect, while new, features plenty of shops that were featured in the normal village beforehand, and some of the things, such as the theater, aren't exactly new since the benefits that you receive for visiting it is the same as finding Dr. Shrunk in Wild World. The inclusion of friend codes has also turned some off, though the new WiiSpeak accessory has been considered a welcome, albeit long overdue, addition to Nintendo's deluge of accessories for the Wii.

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Animal Crossing: City Folk (2024)


How to get unlimited bells in Animal Crossing: City Folk? ›

Animal Crossing: City Folk tips. Enter your game and check your bank account, then SAVE. After that go to the Wii menu and select settings. Change the month and year forward for unlimited money.

How do you make a perfect town in Animal Crossing: City Folk? ›

Each acre must include:
  1. 12 to 16 trees.
  2. 6 to 10 flowers. 3 to 4 grow daily. ...
  3. No weeds. 3 to 4 grow daily, so try to pick them all.
  4. Try not to have items on the ground, excluding seashells. Each flower neutralizes one item but doesn't count towards your flower count.
  5. Water flowers daily. You don't want them to wilt.

Can you beat Animal Crossing: City Folk? ›

Nope, there is no way to "beat" this game.

What are you supposed to do in Animal Crossing: City Folk? ›

In City Folk, the player lives in a town consisting of 6-10 animal villagers. They can take the bus to travel between the town and city, exploring various locations and meet more characters. In the town and city, the citizens pay in a currency called bells, which buys tools, furniture, and certain services.

How do you get rich fast in Animal Crossing: City Folk? ›

Talk to skipper and find some eggs. Open them and go to skipper to get furniture. If you sell 1-5 pieces, you will get about 60,000 to 70,000 bells. Repeat this process and you will get rich.

Can you become mayor in Animal Crossing: City Folk? ›

To access the options, the player must sit down in the Mayor's Chair behind Isabelle. Isabelle will walk up to the Mayor to give them their tasks. The first character created is made the mayor. Other incoming player characters will become normal residents to the town, providing regular Animal Crossing gameplay.

What is the villager limit in City Folk? ›

The maximum number of villagers that can live in a single town varies between the games: 15 in Animal Crossing, 8 in Wild World, and 10 in City Folk and New Leaf.

How do you get a golden net in Animal Crossing: City Folk? ›

In Doubutsu no Mori+, Animal Crossing, and Doubutsu no Mori e+, the golden net can be obtained from Tortimer the next day after catching every bug. In Wild World and City Folk, the golden net will be mailed to the player by Tortimer the next day after catching every bug.

What is the goal in Animal Crossing: City Folk? ›

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, there is no prominent goal, but to just enjoy your new virtual life. You'll take control of either a boy or girl, whose appearance is determined at the beginning of the game, while you talk with Rover on the bus. You move into a new house and initially have to pay your debts to Tom Nook.

What happens when you finish the museum in Animal Crossing: City Folk? ›

Once the player donates everything for one section, Blathers will congratulate the player for completing it. On the other hand, if everything from every exhibit is donated, than the player will receive a Museum Model to congratulate their hard work.

What can get you banned in ACNH? ›

All of the following actions will result in getting banned immediately:
  • Piracy of any sort.
  • Installing Homebrew NSPs. These being custom homebrew apps that you install to the home menu.
  • Changing user icon through homebrew.
  • Sketchy eShop behavior.

What happens on your birthday in Animal Crossing: City Folk? ›

In City Folk

As with Wild World, the player is presented with a cake on their birthday by a villager. In this game, the player has the option to eat the cake. If they do, they will blush and flowers briefly blossom from them.

Can you swim in Animal Crossing: City Folk? ›

Swimming and Diving

Once the player has obtained a wet suit, they can begin swimming in the ocean or tropical seas for deep-sea creatures. Deep-sea creatures are not already present in the ocean like fish, and the game must load them once the player has entered the water.

Can you eat fruit in Animal Crossing: City Folk? ›

Fruit are common items that grow from fruit trees and palm trees in all Animal Crossing series titles. They can be eaten and are sometimes requested by villagers.

What is the fastest way to get 100000 bells in Animal Crossing? ›

  1. Plant more trees. The more trees you plant, the more fruit you'll grow, the more Bells you can sell them for. My sister will gather all her fruit and sell it for at least 60,000 Bells.
  2. Tarantula Island! Save up Nook Miles to buy a bunch of Tickets and board the plane some time after 6PM.
May 15, 2023

How to get 50,000 bells? ›

Selling a full inventory of fossils will easily see you walking away with 50,000 bells or more. You're likely to find a ton of duplicate fossils as the museum's collection grows, so don't feel too bad if you decide to sell instead of giving your finds to Blathers.

How to get 30 000 bells in Animal Crossing? ›

If the player buries 10,000 bells, they are guaranteed to get 30,000. This gives a return of 20,000. In New Horizons, one shining spot appears per day, granting the player both 1,000 Bells and one opportunity to plant a Bell tree. If the player plants 100-1000 bells, they will always get a tree with 3x 1000 bells.


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